Andrej Maksimović, project author and organizer, after 20 years of experience in production of TV sports content and organizing major sports events, has assembled a team of top professionals from the film, TV, marketing and sports worlds to translate the idea for the High 5 Festival into a first class event of international significance. With his team he carefully selected the town of Zadar as the ideal setting for the Festival.

The main event is co-organized by the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC), and Zlatko Mateša, President of HOO, who is a member of the project’s executive team and one of the Festival’s ambassadors outside of Croatia. The Festival has secured the support of European Olympic Committee (EOC) and the International Olympic Committee (MOC).

Andrej Maksimović, author of the project and organizer
Tomislav Fuček, main producer
Igor Vignjević, executive producer
Morana Stinčić, creative director
Marko Dragičević, director of the film festival
Tomislav Paliković, film festival selector

Ivana Čabraja, media relations
XOXO eventi i komunikacija
T: +385 98 622 148

Silvija Antonović, office coordinator
Kačićeva 6a – 10000 Zagreb
T: +385 1 8892 210